Her love was not vapour
That would disappear over time

It grows like roots
Deeper and stronger with time

You could cut off a branch
Or send a storm

Yet, the roots stay strong
Yet, the roots stay strong

For good

She hoped to give up on him
There was no sign of him
Since many days

Appeared out of the blue
And then disappeared into it
Without any warning or a message

Swept her off her feet
Like a storm
And changed her direction for good

Something in her wouldn’t budge
Held fast to the belief that he’ll return
And when he does, it ll be for good


The winds blow today
Like they wish to share a message
Or refresh a memory

The leaves dance to their music
And welcome the tides
That have turned her way

She is a carried away
To a land of fantasies
Of dreams and beautiful memories


That day they were engaged
Not here
But some where in the universe

With mehendi on her hands
And his warm presence
He won her confidence

They came together
Like they were always together
And will always be together


Every time one chapter came to an end
Another one awaited her steps

She wished to go back to the previous
The comfortable

New beginnings never came easy
They tried her

Confused her
Pushed her to her limits

From the old to the new
She had to transition

Each time
One more time


She was lost
And didn’t want to be found

Wished to remain lost
For the time being

Tried to understand nothing
And arrive nowhere

Just remain with herself
With all the questions

That remained unanswered


Just when she thought all doors were closed
She had a surprise waiting for her

It would sweep her off her feet
And make her feel more lost than before

It was a matter of time
Till the winds subside

And bring her back to her feet
On a new ground, under a new sky